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Dear participants and friends of ANR 2014,

Thank you very much for accepting the invitation of the local and the international organizing committee to participate in the “Advances in Neuroblastoma Research” Congress held in Cologne from May 13th-16th, 2014.

Six hundred and forty two scientists, physicians, students, sponsors, invited speakers and congress office staff were officially registered. In addition, 91 parents and neuroblastoma disease survivors joined a satellite meeting specifically devoted to their needs. With the three workshops on May 12th and the many additional working group meetings starting May 11th, ANR2014 was a week of intense and productive communication and interaction.
I extend particular thanks to the abstract reviewers, the committees and the Welcome congress organization for such a successful event.

This website will be open for free access to the abstracts until December 31st, 2019. Please, click on the information book.

Please, visit and enjoy also the gallery of pictures taken during the three congress days and the social events at the evenings. It reflects very well the atmosphere during the congress.

If you would like to add some of your pictures you took during the conference, please feel free to send those to anr2014(at) (maximum 10 per sender) for the uploading process.

I hope that the participants consider ANR2014 in Cologne a successful step in long tradition of ANR congresses.

Very best wishes for you and your continuing research for the sake of our neuroblastoma patients,


Frank Berthold
Local Chairman ANR2014




Local Organizing Committee                                      International Committee                       

Frank Berthold, Köln
Angelika Eggert, Berlin
Matthias Fischer, Köln
Barbara Hero, Köln
Holger Lode, Greifswald
Alexander Schramm, Essen
Johannes Schulte, Essen
Thorsten Simon, Köln
Dietrich von Schweinitz, München
Frank Westermann, Heidelberg
Olaf Witt, Heidelberg

Frank Berthold, Köln
Godfrey C. F. Chan, Hongkong
Angelika Eggert, Essen
Michael Hogarty, Philadelphia
Katherine Matthay, San Francisco
Murray D. Norris, Sydney
Julie Park, Seattle
Andrew Pearson, London
Frank Speleman, Gent

Abstract Review Jury and Program Committee         

Frank Berthold
Godfrey Chan
Julie Park
Andrew Pearson
Frank Speleman    


Shahab Asgharzadeh
Rochelle Bagatell
Sylvain Baruchel
Klaus Beiske
Garret Brodeur
Weisong Cai
Hubert Caron
Victoria Castel
Godfrey Chan
Susan Cohn
Katleen De Preter
Lisa Diller
Angelika Eggert
Matthias Fischer
Rani George
Kelly Goldsmith
Barbara Hero
Michael Hogarty
Meredith Irwin
Isabelle Janoueix-Lerosey
Hsueh-Fen Juan
Kenji Kadomatsu
Per Kogner
Jan Koster
Purna Kurkure

Wendy London
Araz Marachelian
John Maris
Tommy Martinsson
Katherine Matthay
Peter Mestdagh
Jean Michon
J. Molenaar
Yael Mosse
Akira Nakagawara
Julie Park
Johannes H. Schulte
Jason Shohet
Thorsten Simon
Paul Sondel
Carol Thiele
Godelieve Tytgat
Dominique Valteau-Couanet
Jo Vandesompele
Tom van Maerken
J. van Nes
R. Versteeg
Frank Westermann
Darrel Yamashiro
Alice Yu